The Making Of: Foxy Blue Snuggle Sack.

First thing’s first. You can purchase this adorable snuggle sack Here.

I have to tell ya, I am in love with this fabric. I am not the biggest fan of foxes, but this is just cute.

First is the pinning. Even on something small. Sooooo much pinning. Lol.I had forgotten to take pictures cutting out the pieces. But I did get every other step documented. Except the corners.

After pinning comes my favorite part. Sewing. Had to sew the outside and inside pieces together.

And then pin those together. 

And sew together. 

When they get turned right side out it always looks so weird to me. 


nAnd then more pinning………

And…. TA DA!

Next it was photo shoot time! This item was being modeled by Miff Thonia Piffles. For some reason she wasn’t happy about being woken up and having a flashing camera light in her face.

After a few minutes of bribery of mealworms and twenty pictures later, I got one that would be the cover picture. 

But that was all she would give me. After her snack she was done. Just fed up. She decided to give a short demonstration of how a snuggle sack should be used. 

All the sacks then went into the washer(without Thonia).

And all this has been The Making Of: Foxy Blue Snuggle Sack. <—That’s another link to the product. šŸ™‚

I love making these and hope your pets will enjoy snuggling up in them!


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