The Making Of: Fleece Braided Tie Blanket

I got a feeling to make something today. Didn’t know what. Looked around online for ideas. Then saw someone use a braid on those big fleece blankets everybody gives out around xmas. Hey! My hedgehogs each have a small regularly knotted one, and love them. So. I set off.


First I had to choose the fleece. Luckily I have a ton of hedgehog fleece to choose from. I choose this cute pattern, which a had a solid to match. Lucky.20046227_1622583084419961_2138958552_n

Then to cut out the pieces. I figured I could get 3 out of one cut of WOF so I decided to make just that many, and then make more if they sell nicely.


Then I did line work so I could pin them and cut elsewhere. Don’t worry, the marker I used is 100% washable.





Then cutting. I even got the help of The Hedgie Man. Lol. After we got the lines cut I cut a slit in the middle of each one.


Then the braiding.


And done!


Then the photo shoot. Oh was it hard. I wanted a picture of all four animals enjoying the blankets. And it was an event.

First was Thonic. He was NOT Happy.


Then Thonia. You remember how I said Thonia wants to take over the world. Well, today she wanted to melt my phone. Not even mealworms could make her pose. You’ll see her final picture with the others later.


Next was Blossom, Hedgie Baby’s guinea pig. She loved the blanket so much she was ready to set up shop and take a nap. See her leg all out.


Then Sprinkles, Hedgie Kid’s guinea pig. This pig. Let me tell you two things about her. One, she’s huge. Fluffy fat. Two, no matter what we try to get her to do, other than cuddle, she tries to leave. Bath, photo shoot, etc. Get away! This is her trying to leave by backing up.


This is the four pictures that I chose to use for our Etsy Shop.

See what I meant about Thonia. This was the best I got out of her today. Mealies was not enough. Too early for this crap, she said. Sprinkles looks like a deer in headlights. Blossom was sniffing around. I love Thonic’s cute little face. He can’t “Thoon” like Thonia can. He has honey face. 20046027_1622583344419935_1449436143_n

I wish I had a better camera. I know all my pictures come out really pixelated. I have the blanket on sale HERE and I hope you enjoy it.


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