PSA: Hedgehog Welfare (Society)

Whenever somebody finds out, sees, that I have a hedgehog their first response is “Oh I want one!” then my reaction is “No. You don’t.”.

So, why do I shut people down like that? When I myself have two hedgehogs. Two things happened today that give me extremely good reasons to say no.

  1. People do NOT read up, study, look up anything, etc. when getting a hedgehog. Example: Customer at work today said her daughter( later teens) has a hedgehog and was thinking of getting it a friend. RED LIGHT! Hedgehogs are a solitary animal. Maybe, MAYBE, like only one out of a thousand cases, you could get two same litter sisters to live together, but that’s rare as heck. When I said this to the woman, she then proceeded to tell me her daughter let her female hedgehog play with her ex boyfriends male hedgehog. I about passed out! I was like “Ooooooooh nooooo!” She assured me it was a long ago ex and no babies were ever created. But I just couldn’t stress to her enough “NO FRIENDS! Especially boys!”
  2. People are selfish, just see hedgehogs as dollar signs. Example: Saw someone post about selling their hedgehog on facebook a couple days ago. She posted on two different pages. She wanted $250. I said give the hedgehog to HWS(I’ll get to them in a minute) and then just sell the stuff. She was appalled! How dare I tell her to hand her sweet baby over to a complete stranger without all her things! Again, I will explain HWS in a minute, but, most of the people in the HWS have back stock of wheels, totes, snuggle sacks, etc. So no, poor baby wouldn’t have been without at all. Well, her first two posts got taken down. She posted again today. Same exact message, just this time, She wanted $300. It’s sad. I asked for the hedgehog, without all of it’s things. Never heard back. That post too got taken down. Looked up the persons name in my hedgehog groups, pages, etc. and found out she had only gotten the poor baby in EARLY JUNE! It’s July 14th.


So now. I beg everyone reading this, read read read, ask ask ask, soak up every bit of information any experienced hedgehog owner has.


Now I will give you the links to read, ask, and learn.

  1. HWS – Hedgehog Welfare Society – Here is their website  They have all the beginner basics you need to learn first. Like temperament, food, nearby vets, FAQ, housing, everything that you would need to get your feet wet in the world of hedgehogs. But WAIT! Now you need to actually talk to hedgehog owners.
  2. Also, If you have a hedgehog you can no longer care for and would like to do the right thing, Contact them and no matter where you are in the US or UK, I think, the can have someone meet to rescue your hedgie.
  3. They also have a Facebook group –
  4. Facebook groups. I have seen a lot of the “Buy the hedgehog first, ask questions later” situations, which is not the way to go about it at all. These fabulous groups are extremely helpful. You may have to ask to join, but it’s worth it.
  5. Hedgehog Happenings –
  6. Hedgehogs Anonymous –
  7. And just for fun, The Fat Army –

Please study these lovable spiky floofs. I will not plug anything in this post, I just want people to learn.


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