Meet And Greet: We

If you’ve seen any of our sites, Etsy, Facebook, etc., you’ll notice I never say “I”. It’s always “We”. So why “We”?

There is a lot of myself in everything we post. I run all the sites. But there is a lot of behind the scenes stuff going on. I have my awesome family helping me in everything.

Hedgie Man is my bfbf. Best friend boyfriend. My “gopher”, if you will. He helps fund my crazy endeavors. Gas, fabric when I’m short and must have it. Lol. He does a lot of the setting up help as well. I shot a very short “perfume” commercial for our mint sticks and he did the dropping.

He also proofreads all the stuff I put up. So if there is ever any spelling or grammar mistakes, blame him. Lol.
Then there are the Hedgie Kids. Hedgie Baby and Hedgie Kid. Hedgie Kid is kinda my set up manager. Back when Hedgie Man use to work every day we were at a market she would run the setup. She would help me set it all up and then take it all down. In my videos she rangles the pets. I set up the set while she gets the animals. Like for our fleece blankets.

Hedgie Baby is only 6. So she does a lot of the opinions, even on things I didn’t think I need an opinion on. Lol. She helps pick out fabric for projects and hands us pins while we set up markets. She’s usually off doing her own thing most of the time. But I appreciate her help just as much as anyones.
And of course our pets. Nothing would have even started if it wasn’t for them. I’ve done a Meet And Greet: Hedgehogs. I’ll have to do one for the Hedgie Kids’ guinea pigs too. But, I’m allergic to them, and don’t get to play with them as much as the hogs. Except this week while Sprinkles is recovering from an eye injury. I’m the only one mean enough to deal out the meds. I am going through Allegra like it’s candy.


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