Educating The Masses.

I can’t sleep. So I wanted to talk about my day. 
Almost every Wednesday we set up at the Yorktown Farmers Market. Twice a dj from a local radio station does a short coverage of the market for local advertising. 
Well. He doesn’t give our booth the best advertisements. The first time it was “purses and…………. suff?”. I was talking to Hedgie Man about it right when I saw the radio station’s van pull up. It ticked me off. I’m The HEDGIE Lady! No mention of hedgehogs. And I have two totes. Out of everything he focused on totes. 

I was telling Hedgie Man he better give a little more than “purses and stuff”. And this time he was running through everything again, things from everyone’s booths, gets to mine and says “quilts, I know it’s random but they’re here”. 

Ok. Not as awful as last time, but still ruffled my quills. So I was saying how I should just walk up to him with one of my cards and be like “let me tell you what I’m really about”. Hedgie Kid was like “no, you wouldn’t really don’t that”. At that time the dj walked up to the booth next to us.
I grabbed one of our cards and waited. As he walked by I walked up to him, said hello and handed him my card. He looked at it and said “Hedgie, what is hedgie?” 

(Everything about to come next is snipits of our conversation and I know it’s probably not in order, but it’s late and it only lasted a couple minutes. )

I said “Hedgie, like hedgehog, almost everything I make is hedgehog themed.”

His reply was “Hedgehogs, do you have hedgehogs? ”

“Yes, I have two, Thonic and Thonia.”

“Can they be trained to do tricks?”

“It’s more like they train you.”

“How many people actually even own hedgehogs?”

“There is a Facebook group I’m a part of that has over 8000 members. (Was mixing up HWS’s over 6000 members with Hedgehog Happenings over 14000 members) I’m also a card carrying member of the Hedgehog Welfare Society.”

“I have never heard of that.”

“We take in abused and abandoned hedgehogs from owners that get hedgehogs and know nothing about them. Like how they are more compared to owning a reptile than a hamster. They need special diets and heat lamps…”

“So like education then?”

“Yes, you could say that, we try to get hedgehogs the best life they can have.”

After this he said I had taught him more than he’s ever known and it was good talking to me. He shook my hand and left.
I felt pretty good about today after that. I had taught someone something new about hedgehogs. We may not get any better advertising next time but at least I had spread some hedgehog knowledge. 


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