Our Story

It started with me, The Hedgie Lady, about four or five years ago. I borrowed my mother’s simple little Singer sewing machine to sew covers for our old, itchy, worn out couch. 

After that I made a few dresses for my youngest daughter and a few little plush toys. Then pillows and other simple things.

About two years ago I wanted to find a pet I wasn’t going to be allergic to. Found out that hedgehogs had hair instead of fur. I sought to get a hedgie of my own. And while I waited for my perfect pet I made my first snuggle sack. 

Then Miff Thonia Piffles came into my life. I was in love. I loved this ball of piffed off spikes so much. I started sewing things for her and found that there are quite a few fabrics with spiky balls of attitude on them.

I started sewing more than we could ever use and wanted to sew more. Wanted to use all the hedgehog fabric I was collecting and try my hand at quilting. So the Etsy shop was made. 

Yes. It’s not the finest things that could ever be made but it’s all made with love.